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Feb 8 & 9 - Minot

Feb 10 & 11 - Crosby

Feb 12 & 13 - Williston

Feb 14 - Watford City

Feb 15 & 16 - New Town

Feb 17 & 18 - Garrison

Feb 19 - Washburn

Feb 20 - Wilton

Feb 21-26 - Bismarck

Feb 27 & 28 - Ft. Yates

Feb 29 & Mar 1 - Fargo

Mar 2 & 3 - Grand Forks

Education Crew Schedule

While Sam, Paul and Jason are snowkiting across the state, the 2XtM Community Outreach Crew travels to communities along the route with a message, "North Dakota - the New State of Extremes! Wind can provide energy and entertainment."

We use the buzz generated by the expedition to engagge people in a fun and unique way. Our message is a positive one connecting the exciting new sport of snowkiting to North Dakota's enormous wind energy potential. We show how our world-class wind resource can create a brighter future for our state and help the world fight climate change all while providing the ideal playground for snowkiting. Experienced presenters, high-energy music and snowkiting videos full of freestyle tricks grab the audiences' attention. Smiling people leave our presentations more knowledgeable, empowered and full of NoDak pride!

2008 Education Tour Schedule

education tour map

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