Athletic Team

Sam Salwei, 26, YogaSlacker/Eco-adventurer, Grew up in-between South Miami Florida and Crystal North Dakota. Drawing from this diverse world view he has a unique understanding of the issues facing the youth in the Midwest. He has always had a talent for instilling passion in others with his ideas, creating an incredible network that encompasses talent from coast to coast. He has studied Recreation and Leisure Services at the University of North Dakota as well as Adventure Tourism on the South Island of New Zealand. He just completed a degree in Social Entrepreneurship. This combined with his passion for the environment and the outdoors has lead him to this hybrid form of grass roots activism. Sam has snowkited over 500miles in the past 3 years. He inspires by example - living an extreme life with awareness.
Jason Magness, 32, YogaSlacker/Eco-adventurer/International Yoga Teacher brings years of experience in the realms of expedition climbing, extreme multi-sport racing, and yoga to the team. He is a veteran of over 32 adventure races, and has never failed to finish a race, including Primal Quest Utah 2006 & the XPD 10 day race in Australia. Jason is a strong all around individual with an extensive mountaineering back ground. He has spent numerous winters in North Dakota occupying his time with winter thru-hikes, snow caves and kiting excursions.
Paul Cassedy, 19, Yogaslacker/athlete/student. After helping to lead up the Snowkiting Demo tour of 2XTM 07, Paul will be joining Sam and Jason on the expedition this year. He was inspired by the vision of sustainability to join in 2XTM 08, bringing his experience as a kiter and adventure racer. Growing up a sailor, Paul has spent countless hours harnessing the wind's power and hopes to raise awareness to this relatively untapped resource.

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