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Expedition Gear & Weight

To Cross the Moon

2XtM is an eco-centric snowkiting expedition across North Dakota to raise awareness for wind energy and climate change. From the U.S. - Canadian border in the north, to the state line in the south, extreme endurance athletes Sam Salwei, Jason Magness and Paul Cassedy will snowkite 390 miles across the frigid winter moonscape of North Dakota. Carrying everything they need on their backs for the three-week expedition, the trio will make the journey propelled solely by the wind's energy. Driven not only by their quest for adventure and extreme challenges, but also by their passion for empowering and inspiring society to see the potential for wind energy as a meaningful and essential energy source in the fight against climate change.

Map of Snowkiters' Route

Map of Route

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2XTM 2008 Day 1


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