17 days in the field

2XtM the Film

The screen is black and we are assaulted by the sound of an unrelenting wind. As the screen slowly fades up, we see the vast plains of North Dakota revealing a bleak landscape cloaked in winter snow with the ever present wind blowing across the vast emptiness. Suddenly, from behind, a giant “kite” fills the sky, then just as suddenly pulled by the kite a “snowkiter” and then another rockets past our camera. We watch as the two race away across the empty plains.

To Cross the Moon (2XtM) is the story of extreme athletes Sam Salwei, Jason Magness and Paul Cassedy as they attempt to “snowkite” across the state of North Dakota in the dead of winter. From the U.S. – Canadian border in the north to the state line in the south, the trio will be covering 390 miles in subzero temperatures using only the wind to propel them. Carrying everything they need on their backs for the three week expedition, the three will make the journey using only the power of the wind. Driven not only by their quest for adventure and extreme challenges, the two athletes are passionate about empowering and inspiring society to see the potential for wind power as a meaningful and essential energy source.

Our film will follow Sam, Jason & Paul on their journey while at the same time exploring the subject of wind power as a clean and renewable energy source. From a classic storybook Dutch windmill to an ultra modern wind farm, the history of wind power will unfold throughout the film and educate viewers on the subject helping them understand the myriad of issues facing wind power today. Meteorologists, engineers and business persons will elaborate on the subject leading us back to North Dakota and the state’s potential for wind energy and the issues involved. As we explore these ideas, the film will be driven by the drama of the athletes’ epic wind-powered journey across North Dakota.

As the snowkiters make their crossing: propelled by wind and their passion to educate others on wind power; their drama and hardships will mirror the challenges and issues facing the development of wind power in a state with a dominant coal industry.

2XtM will be supported by an educational outreach program providing students and teachers access to information, study materials and class materials that relate to the subject matter in the film. These materials will be based on curriculum standards enabling educators to incorporate the lesson plans into their courses. A post expedition tour is planned with the snowkiters making appearances while presenting materials and showing the film to groups and schools.

2XtM is a first of its kind extreme expedition that will push three top athletes to their mental and physical limits. 2XtM will be a truly groundbreaking endeavor: crossing 370 miles of frozen ground in subzero temperatures, propelled only by wind and carrying everything they need on their backs, all the while avoiding dangers and injuries. By performing this amazing feat in a sustainable manner, the three progressive thinkers will inspire others to embrace wind power, affecting a paradigm shift in the public consciousness about the power of the wind and the promise of renewable energy.

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