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Kites for Sale!

The 2XtM crew will be selling kites. We offer the best deals on kites because we want to see more kiters out there.


Just getting into snowkiting?  Buy I kite localy and get free leason!  Not to mention a free Harness while supplies last!!!

Model Meterage Color Condition Price
DP 2 Blue U 100
Imp 2.5 Red U 150
Imp 3.5 Orange U 200
Imp 3.5 Blue N Sold
Imp 4.5 Orange N 400
Imp 4.5 Yellow N 400
Access 4 Red/Yellow U 450
Access 6 Black N 700
Access 6 Black Expedition
Access 6 Orange N Sold
Access 6 Orange N Sold
Access 8 Orange N Sold
Access 8 Rasta N 825
Access 8 Rasta EXC 800
Access 10 Rasta Expedition 800
Access 10 Black Expedition 800
Access 10 Orange Expedition 750
Access 6 Rasta Expedition Sold
Frenzy05 10 Black Used/Jim 750
Frenzy07 12 Rasta Used/Sam 900
Frenzy08 11 Orange New 1150


Check out these kites

IMP Trainer

Imp 4.5 Meter with Bar $400


6 Meter Access XC $800

Access XC 6M $750 (includes free harness!)


Email <[email protected]> to purchase a kite from 2XtM (all proceeds from kite sales go back to the expedition).

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