Why We Freeze

To Cross the Moon (2XtM) is an eco-friendly snowkiting expedition across North Dakota raising awareness about wind energy and climate change. Snowkiting, a fastgrowing sport perfectly suited for North Dakota, uses a giant kite to pull someone on a snowboard or skis. While our fearless adventurers braved the elements attempting to snowkite nearly 400 miles across North Dakota from the Canadian border to South Dakota; the 2XtM crew traveled to communities across the state using the buzz generated by the expedition to talk about climate change and wind energy. Ironically enough, the 2007 expedition was cut short due to one of the warmest winters on record. The 2008 expedition posed similar challenges, yet the adveturers were able to finish this first-of-its-kind trans-state kiting expedition on Thursday, February 28th 2008.

The athletes carried everything they needed on their backs for the three-week expedition, and made the journey propelled solely by the wind's energy. They were driven not only by their quest for adventure and extreme challenges, but also by their passion for empowering and inspiring society to see the potential for wind energy as a meaningful and essential energy source in the fight against climate change.

While the athletes were dealing with subzero temperatures and obstacles such as ice ridges and barb wire fences, the 2XtM community outreach crew roughly followed the expedition route and gave educational presentations to increase awareness about wind energy and climate change in local schools and at community forums. The crew also held free snowkiting demonstration clinics where participants were able to “hold the wind in their hands.” During the program's two seasons, the crew has spoken to over 10,000 people, taught hundreds how to snowkite and reached millions more through the media including appearances on MSNBC and Outside Magazine.

Although 2XtM’s main goal is to raise awareness for the potential of wind power in North Dakota. The athletes — Sam Salwei and Jason Magness, both from Grand Forks, N.D. along with Paul Cassedy from San Diego, Calif. — also hope to bring positive national attention to North Dakota’s assets, including its wide open spaces and opportunities for recreation. Not to mention its world-class wind. North Dakota, often referred to as the Saudi Arabia of wind, is the number one state for wind energy potential with enough wind to light up almost 1/3 of the United States according to the Department of Energy.

Future plans for the expedition include developing an educational packet for teachers in the region to use the expedition and the sport of snowkiting to supplement their ciriculum. The crew is also working on a documentary film in partnership with Thrillhead Creations. A professional videographer and three professional photographers captured action as the kiters and the education crew crossed the state. The crew envisions a documentary film to be released and a tour in conjunction with the film. The film will be submitted to festivals such as the prestigious Banff festival as well as to outdoor networks such as Discovery and National Geographic.

To Cross the Moon would not have been possible without the help of our generous, eco-conscious sponsors. 2XtM only selects sponsors who are dedicated to sustainability. Our sponsors provide vital support in the form of gear, food, and fiscal support. Sponsors include Mortenson Construction, the leading builder of wind farms in North America; Prana, a clothing company that buys wind power to reduce its carbon footprint; and Guayaki`, a maker of organic, rainforest-grown, fairly traded yerba mate. There are many more incredible companies supporting this project. Check out their stories by visiting our sponsor page.

In an effort to practice what they preach while lessening their contribution to global warming, all the pollution generated during the 2XtM crew’s travels is offset by renewable energy investments thanks to a partnership with 3 Degrees Energy, a leading company offering renewable energy credits.

The name To Cross the Moon (2XtM) was suggested by our esteemed videographer, Tad Erikson of T-Phy Productions. Not only is North Dakota a beautiful moonscape in the winter, but more importantly, 2XtM draws from President Kennedy's bold vision for America to be
the first to land on the moon. He rallied an entire country behind him in an age where the technology did not exist to accomplish the goal. Climate change provides us with a challenge even more daunting than reaching the moon. The difference is that today we have
the technology to rise to the challenge. What we lack is the political will. A power shift is needed to change the political climate instead of the climate of our planet. A power shift to a clean, renewable energy economy and a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Help us create that powershift!

Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Northern Geat Plains, donations to 2XtM are tax deductible. Donations allow us to continue our unique brand for environmental education which we call, "Extreme Awareness." Visit our donation page to make a credit or debit card donations. Checks can be sent to: 2XtM, c/o Northern Heights Rock Gym, 1726 So. Washinton St. Grand Forks, ND 58201. Please include your return address so we can send you a receipt for your records.

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