Windsock Action

The 2XtM Windsock Action is designed to provide a stylish means of showing support for wind energy. The windsock project provides a way to participate in the wind energy movement by creating a windsock to advocate exploring North Dakota's potential role in the climate crisis solution. Support for wind energy must be shown in order to be effectively communicated to legislators and energy providers. 2XtM windsocks serve as an excellent opportunity to get the message across with local residents fueling the effort.

Windsock Kits:

2XtM windsocks are made from recycled kite materials donated by Ozone

Each kit will include:

A base piece of fabric with 2XtM Logo
Several smaller pieces to attach at the bottom of the sock/a handle A pipe cleaner to hold the shape
An instruction sheet

Windsocks are easy and fun to make! They serve as an exellent project for youth groups, scouts, 4-H groups, service learning programs, in the classroom or at home!



Donations are accepted and proceeds go directly back into the windsock project, providing even more people with the opportunity to take part in the project!


To order windsock kits send an email to [email protected]


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Project Coordinator: Kathryn Joyce

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